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Stop Putin!

One by one, independent media, social media, TripAdvisor and Google Maps are now being shut down by Putin or the companies themselves, threatened by Putin.

I am 100% sure that the Russian people will not tolerate the murder of their Ukrainian brothers and sisters, and least of all their children!

Tinder is still open, and we can use it effectively to make ordinary Russians aware of what is happening. They are in the dark. Let's enlighten them!

We will probably be shut down, but we may have a few days to spread the message ...

Here you will find everything you need to become a #tinderactivist

You can either get involved as an activist in "Russia" or as a recruiter in the "West".
I have posted pictures and texts you will need for both. And there is no rule that says you can't be creative!

Ole Christian

Become a recruiter

As a recruiter, the point is to recruit others to join the campaign.

Create a new one or update your profile with the pictures below, set your settings (geography/age/gender) to max, and then you start swiping right on everyone!

Hopefully then more people will do as you do, and we will get a viral spread.

In the start-up phase, this is perhaps the most important thing. This activism can also be done without a subscription.

The pictures you need:

The QR code is for this page.


Become an activist

As an activist, you change your location to Moscow, St. Petersburg or other Russian cities. You must have a Tinder subscription to do this.

Update your profile with text and photos. I recommend that you use the texts below. Act polite and friendly if someone makes contact!

Feel free to treat yourself to a boost, and get started and swipe to the right!

If you experience harassment or harassment, just block. I recommend NOT reporting unwanted behavior to Tinder. We want to go under the radar of Tinder as long as possible!

The Russian text is google-translated, so if any Russian-speakers can send me any corrections, get in touch!

Pictures and text you can use:

... ...
... ...

English profile text:

Stop Putin’s killing of your Ukrainian brothers and sisters! Your dictator is lying to you. Read international media!

Putin’s war crimes are growing by the minute. Russian soldiers and Ukranian men, women and children are killed in thousands.

I know Russians are just as peace loving as Ukrainians, Europeans and rest of the world. Please do what you can to stop Putin!


Russian profile text:

Остановите убийство Путиным ваших украинских братьев и сестер! Ваш диктатор лжет вам. Читайте международные СМИ!

Военные преступления Путина растут с каждой минутой. Русские солдаты и украинские мужчины, женщины и дети гибнут тысячами.

Я знаю, что русские такие же миролюбивые, как украинцы, европейцы и весь остальной мир. Пожалуйста, сделайте все возможное, чтобы остановить Путина!


Was that a bit much?

Here are some pictures you can add to your regular profile if you just want to show your support.


Good luck!